Custom-made content for the MENA region

Our content services cover the effective design of online learning courses and hosting them on offer for organizational teams or on, our free online learning platform.
Our work includes

Content Development
Content Development
Instructional Design
Instructional Design
Media Production
Media Production

Create content that’s right for your goals

Whether the primary goal is corporate training or public awareness, our teams work with learning material and help shape it into an effective digital format.
Content For Your Goals

Leverage 100s of years of combined learning design expertise

Our team boasts over 100 years of combined experience working in online learning. Our services cover content development, instructional design, media production and content digitization.
Our state of the art in-house green screen studio and filming capabilities mean that access to production services is within reach.
Monitor Performance and Progress

Reach over 5 million learners

For partners who look to create awareness about their brands and their work, courses hosted on allow them to reach over 5 million learners on our platform and 3 million learners on our social media channels across the MENA region.
Real-Time Insights

Host content on your platform or through Edraak Pro

For organizations looking to train their teams, content can be hosted on Edraak Pro or on their in-house organizational platforms.
Manage Teams

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